Best Diet Tips For Weight Loss

I would like to offer you my best diet tips for weight loss as I am in the process of losing weight that accumulated when I stopped working full-time and I had a huge shift in lifestyle. Some tips are daily habits that can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle and will help you with appetite control and losing weight gradually. I will also share a diet that I started recently for more drastic results.

Best Diet Tips For Weight Loss

Starting new habits

If you want things to change, then you must incorporate change into your life. If you are serious about weight loss. whether you choose to do it gradually or quickly over a shorter time frame, then you must start new habits.

Personally, I have had massive weight loss (from an Australian size 16 to size 10/12) in the past and I prefer to do it slowly as I am older now and I need the energy to work during the day and tutor, as well.

I would like to offer you my best diet tips for weight loss.

Diet Tip 1

The first time I lost weight, I went on Weight Watchers when I was much younger and was tired of the gradual baby fat that had accumulated with four pregnancies. It re-educated me about healthy eating and I still use its principles today. I am disappointed in the changes they have made to their program but it may work for others.

I lost 3 dress sizes in 2 and a half months, with the use of Metamucil( you must drink lots of water with this product!) to control hunger pangs. I lost a lot of weight as I did not eat much bread or potatoes or rice as I simply did not feel hungry. I also increased my fish intake to, at least, 7 times a week. I even cooked it in the microwave at work, with some soy sauce on top. This was an enormous help to weight loss.

I used Jenny Craig and no wonder I went down 3 dress sizes in 2 months! I counted 3 tiny portions of meat in their sauce one day, so that is not a great deal of protein for a girl of 173 cms! I am also not a great sweet eater so I never ate the nightly dessert. Although I did achieve the weight loss, it is very expensive as the weekly consultation and food was expensive and you were required to buy a lot more at the supermarket to fulfill the weekly planner.

I also lost a lot of muscle mass and noticed significant weight gain after I stopped, and fat replaced my once shapely legs! I didn’t gorge on food after the diet so normal eating patterns will increase your weight after this diet plan.

Some tips are daily habits that can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle and will help you with appetite control and losing weight gradually. Click To Tweet

Diet Tip 2

Essential oil- lemon
Essential oil- lemon

I substitute coffee and tea with water laced with lemon juice or lemon essential oil. Lemons are so expensive at the moment and, as my partner and I both use it daily, we use the essential oil ( just a couple of drops in our water container). It is thirst quenching-a lot of times when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty, so always have a drink before you go into the pantry.

It is simple habit that controls hunger and you should prepare a bottle daily for you to drink. I put it in the freezer when I wake up and then remove it when I go to work. Just the right temperature and keeps cool most of the day. I start the day with this drink, first thing when I hit the kitchen.

I noticed that when I drink tea and coffee throughout the day, I actually feel more hungry!

Diet Tip 3

Apple Cider Vinegar-this is a wonderful product to have in your cupboard with many uses. I know some people shudder at its taste but it does not have to be unpleasant. I think people go overboard with the amount they use and any wonder they are not using it!

I use it only twice a day and that is enough for me as it curbs the desire to nibble on something.

There are a variety of ways to use it:-

i) One teaspoon in a glass of water (or half a glass, if you want to drink less) with one teaspoon of honey. Some say one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar-do what you can tolerate as you won’t do anything that pains you! Even if you are on a diet, you can still have desserts, so allow honey to be your special thing. It has good properties so I don’t have a problem using it for weight loss.

This drink has significantly helped in reducing my hunger pangs and tendency to reach for something to eat, and I drink it twice a day.

ii) The crème de la crème concoction

I read about turmeric for pain relief in joint pain and as a weight loss agent (as well as cancer) so I started incorporating it into our daily regime.

Note: For turmeric to work, it must have 2 elements added to it- heat and black pepper. Honey also must be pure.

We combined turmeric, a touch of black pepper, cider vinegar and honey with warm water. Hot water will take away the potency of honey and vinegar! Sometimes, we have this beverage straight or we may add it to tea or coffee, if we have a desire to have them.

My partner went to the Home Show and brought home a large container of Tumerix.  

I wish we could be affiliates for this product as it is wonderful. It has everything in it that helps you with weight loss, as well as other ailments. It has the black pepper, ginger, cinnamon….just to name a few spices. I also drink this twice a day sometimes, instead of the other drink. So I change it around with my mood but, either way, the drinks control hunger very noticeably.

If you use Tumerix with tea, then it is like a chai tea. If you put it in coffee, it tastes like Golden Coffee. So versatile and delicious!

And guess who throws it into her main meals, as well.

Diet Tip 4

essential oils for weight lossWell, this picture says it all!  doTerra oils are precious and I know they are safe to ingest. We ingest them and my grown up family also use them religiously. I would be very wary of ingesting other manufacturer’s oils as they say they are pure but their practices at the place of farming the oils have not always reached the standard of doTerra oils. If you are interested in having a look at Grapefruit essential oil, click here.

2 things to remember: i) essential oils range from a few cents a drop and are an efficient and effective method of weight loss(as well as using it for other health issues). With the two of us using my oils daily, they are lasting for ages.

You can elect to be a customer and get 25% discount (ie. wholesale price) on each product you buy, as well as being eligible for monthly freebies with points accumulation when you buy. That is a substantial saving.

The most economical way of buying an essential oil for weight loss is to buy the blend of essential oils which optimise weight loss with their particular qualities which enhance weight loss.

Essential Oil-Slim & Sassy
Essential Oil-Slim & Sassy

dōTERRA’s Slim & Sassy® Active Blend is a proprietary formula of 100% pure CPTG™ essential oils of Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon essential oils. Lively in character, this blend is a perfect accompaniment to your exercise routine. Click here if interested in this money saver!

Diet Tip 5

Reduce your portion of red or white meat to the size of your palm. Your body is a perfect balance of measurements so the size of your palm is the perfect size for your portion control of protein, which carries the highest load of calories. I would couple this with an increase in non-starchy carbohydrates…….. which is virtually what I was doing with Weight Watchers many years ago.


Rapid Weight Loss

Well, I have tried this just before Easter (bad timing!) and it is amazing. I have taken some hints from it that work really well with me.

The Egg Diet

Here is the link to this  diet click

They say you can lose up to 24lbs in 2 weeks

This is what I found after one week:

i) I lost 11 cms off my bust, 11 cms off my waist, and 10 cms off my hips.

ii) My pants were noticeably looser.

iii) My legs were noticeably slimmer. (Yeah)

iv) I peed like crazy.

v) I was able to wear tops that had previously cut into my arms and were just hanging unused in my wardrobe.

vi) The eggs and orange works so well for me-never hungry and my first break at work was about 3 and half hours to 4 hours later. ( I have different breaks throughout the week.)

Now, the surprising thing is that during that week, although I was pretty good, I did cheat as my partner unexpectedly went out and bought some huge pizzas and Coke one night. As I was super tired that night, I was happy to be naughty and break the diet.

It was also a very hot week and our air conditioner broke, so I ate an icy pole each day to make life bearable until it cooled down.

I had a few munchies throughout the week, such as a salada cracker with vegemite or a protein bar.


Then came a virus and Easter holidays!

However, I have learnt so much from this diet and am more than happy to continue with the breakfasts and will get back to a two week try out again, when back at work. I am happy with my loss at the moment-sorry, can’t tell you what the weight is as I don’t have scales. I use a measuring tape and my clothes as a guide.

Detoxing is also important in diets as you lose the inches and weight when you release the toxins. I noticed that I have kept shedding inches, even though I am only doing the egg breakfasts. I remember how much peeing I did the first week!

Lemon and grapefruit essential oils are perfect for releasing toxins and weight loss.  If you are interested in purchasing these products as essential oils, click here.

Essential oil- grapefruit
Essential oil- grapefruit


Don’t forget Slim and Sassy-this money saving blend-click here.

Are you wanting to form new habits to increase your wellness and reduce toxicity in the home?
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Peppermint Essential Oil-More Uses

Peppermint Essential Oil-More Uses

Here are some more uses for Peppermint essential oil that are easy, cheap to make, and beneficial to your family and your home. You may have landed on this page after reading my introduction to peppermint essential oils.

Why should I include peppermint oil into my daily habits?

Peppermint essential oil is one the basic essential oils that should become a part of your daily routine because of its many beneficial uses. The following ideas are easy to implement and, as a wellness advocate for doTerra, I hope to make your life healthier and your home less toxic by passing on some information that is easy to implement. Habits form gradually with consistency!

New Habits using Peppermint Essential Oil

Cooking– see my post Delicious Chocolate Protein Brownies with Black Beans

This recipe is protein based and has alternatives you can use to experiment with. It is quick to make, and easy to throw together when unexpected company rocks up.

A drop in an old recipe will work wonders. Revamping!

Aches and Pains– the active ingredient in peppermint is menthol which is cooling and relieve aches and pains. It is an active ingredient in many chemist lotions for muscular and joint pain.

As mentioned in an earlier post, my partner and I have discarded all lotions and replaced it with Ice Blue, which has peppermint oil in it. We absolutely love Ice Blue because it gives us immediate relief ( minutes ) and the pain does not return after a few hours, as it stays effective for a long time.

If you want to use peppermint oil for aches and strains, dilute one drop in a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil, and rub it in. Or make a lotion with a preferred lotion or solid coconut oil, which can be found in any supermarket and very cheap.

Hair– one drop in your shampoo makes your hair smell nice, helps rid dandruff and itchy skin and promotes healthy growth.

Soothing qualities– it soothes painful pimples, sunburnt skin and rashes. Once again, dilute it before you use it.

Headaches-rub diluted peppermint oil onto your temples and keep it away from the eyes. I used to have severe headaches and found this worked well. You can also put a drop on your thumb and push your thumb up against your palate. This will also freshen your breath.

Note: I have seen the peppermint rollers on sale but it is just not worth it. You can make countless bottles for yourself from one bottle of pure peppermint essential oil, and still have oil left over for other things at home.

Coughs, congestion and sinus problems: put some peppermint oil drops in a diffuser to ease the problems.

Another idea you may like to try for sinus problems, congestion and a stuffy nose is to make your own chest rub by buying a tub of lotion or gel that you like, such as Petroleum Gel, and using a combination of eucalyptus and peppermint oil drops. I do this when I have a stuffy nose and I swipe some under my nose and on my chest, and it enables me to sleep through the night.

A sinus clearer is:

3 drops peppermint
3 drops lemon
3 drops eucalyptus in the diffuser.

For the common cold, diffuse the following:

5 drops rosemary
4 drops eucalyptus
4 drops peppermint
3 drops cypress
2 drops lemon

For children, you can try some on the chest and some on the soles of their feet, preferable, especially if they are very young.

If you are wanting to mix it with other oils to get the ultimate benefits for these problems, then you might be interested in these products Breathe blend, Breathe Respiratory Drop and Breathe Vapour Stick. 

Focus and Energy– as mentioned in an earlier post, peppermint oil is great when you are listless, tired, have brain fog and are unwell to focus.

Simple ways to use it:

-diffuse it in your diffuser at home

-use it in your car diffuser and be alert by the time you get to work. You can also mix other oils that benefit you, mixed with peppermint oil I mix it with lemon essential oil as it is uplifting. You will be amazed how quickly it works.

Insect and bug repellant-when we moved into our current home, we had all sorts of creepy crawlies as our tenant was not very clean and left a lot of cat food lying around too.

I  tipped sachets of peppermint tea around the cupboards before I bought the oil and, later. wiped peppermint oil onto surfaces (especially the pantry and under the fridge where they like to hide). This was very successful. Mice also hate peppermint!

Bad breath-as mentioned in passing earlier, just dab a drop onto your thumb and press onto your palate. DoTerra also has a terrific Natural Whitening Toothpaste and 10 toothpaste sachets, if you are interested in having a look.

Nausea-mum used to make peppermint tea for me and I still do this when I am feeling queasy. However, gently inhaling peppermint oil or diffusing it works wonders.

Home cleaning-as peppermint tea has an invigorating effect, I use it in an oil (I use olive oil!) to polish my furniture. Sometimes, I mix it with other essential oils to increase this invigorating effect e.g. lemon or lime essential oil.

Clean air:

3 drops tea tree
2 drops lavender
2 drops peppermint in a diffuser

If you are cleaning the fridge, you can mix 2-3 drops in a cup of baking soda to get a clean smell and disinfect the fridge. I use this on surfaces, as well.

I hope to make your life healthier and your home less toxic by passing on some information that is easy to implement. Habits form gradually with consistency!Click To Tweet

I hope you find this post useful and can find the time to incorporate some of these ideas into your daily routine.

If you are interested in finding out more about essential oils and joining a community of people interested in essential oils and who share their experiences on facebook, you may be interested in this post —

Please note that joining doTerra automatically enables you to get 25% of all products, plus lots of freebies! My daughter has been in it a lot longer than myself, and she is getting surprise packages all the time. 25% wholesale prices is a great reduction.

However, You DO NOT HAVE TO SELL AND THERE IS NO PRESSURE TO SELL. That is your choice. But the sharing on Facebook is a great learning experience and safe place where you can share or ask questions. 

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Best Essential Oils-Peppermint

Best Essential Oils- today's focus: Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is one of the best essential oils as it is easily integrated into your daily health habits, is inexpensive, and should be part of your basic starter essential oils kit as it has multiple uses.  This post will focus on peppermint oils and extend upon an earlier post,(namely Ice Blue) where I introduced my partner and myself, and how we use the oils.

How Peppermint Oil Works for Us

This week, my partner had a particularly difficult week and, as he is a professional driver, I worry about how his lack of sleep will impact his driving. So, as partners do, we help each other get through difficult weeks.

He has always been open to my suggestions about using essential oils, and incorporating them into our daily routines. We do simple things to enhance our daily lives.

I put some drops of peppermint oil into a small bottle of fractionated coconut oil so that Rob could easily have a whiff, whenever he needed to. He had been doing his regular driving last week overnight, and also had to do a weekend job. He usually copes with that extra workload on a fortnightly basis, as he ‘crashes’ when he gets home (not literally) and has a massive sleep catch-up. Well, he was unable to get more than a couple of hours as it was my mum’s 89th. birthday, and we had an early lunch a fair drive from home.

So I reminded him about using the peppermint oil and made sure he had it with him ( he gets very forgetful when tired!) He usually rings me each night as the chat keeps him alert and he said he was wilting a bit. So I reminded him of the peppermint oil.

Next morning, he came home and the first thing he said was “That peppermint oil really works- it got me through a difficult night and it kept me alert.” It was gratifying to hear that, as you want things to work! He sang the praises of peppermint oil and said that he kept whiffing it from the bottle and it was enough to keep him alert.

Peppermint Oil is effective in its health and wellness claims

So, using peppermint oil- or essential oils- is not rocket science. Essential oils have been around for centuries because THEY WORK!

When I was unwell as a child, my mum would give me peppermint tea or chamomile tea. Now, when I don’t feel well, I drink peppermint tea and inhale peppermint essential oil and it works so quickly. It eases my malaise and lifts that foggy cloud in the brain!

I always have it in my car diffuser and I combine it with lemon essential oil. I stay up late as I blog, and I am usually tired and have brain fog in the morning. With these essential oils in the car, I feel noticeably better in 5-7 minutes. My brain fog lifts, as well as my tiredness and mood. So I arrive at work ready for the day. It is such a small habit to incorporate into your daily ritual, but it has huge benefits.

Is it costly? No!!!! As they are so highly concentrated, a drop works out to a few cents a drop. We have been using my bottle since last October. I use it straight, mixed with fractionated coconut oil to dilute it or coconut oil (not fractionated so it is solid). I buy my fractionated coconut oil (which remains in liquid form) from Woolworths so it is much cheaper than other suppliers.

If you want to check out doTerra’s peppermint oil, click here. Remember, you can get the oils at wholesale prices too. 

If you want more ideas on how to use peppermint oil-click here for my follow up post.  

New Post is crammed with simple ideas on how  to use peppermint essential oil.


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How To Look 10 Years Younger

Looking Younger Daily

Find out all about how we start to show signs of aging and why this happens. What can you do about it-slow nature down! Tips that you can follow-or habits that you may need to change.

This book also explores how effective topical remedies and surgical treatments work. What is involved in all the expensive creams you buy and is surgery effective?

It looks at successful celebrities and why they are aging well.

If you want to know what you can do to look younger, this e-book is full of valuable information. It has 29 pages packed full of comprehensive information and valuable links for more information.

This e-book will give you lots of tips how to stay looking younger.

To Look 10 Years Younger
To Look 10 Years Younger

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How To Make Delicious Brownies

How To Make Delicious Brownies

How To Make Delicious Brownies

It’s healthy and high in protein, unlike pure chocolate recipes (which, of course, are delicious too). But, if you are adventurous and like trying new ideas, as well making a healthy version of brownies, this recipe is one that will widen your cooking experiences.

The difficulty level is easy and it only takes 35 to bake so it is great if someone just pops in.

It uses the essential oil, peppermint, to enrich the chocolate flavour. I use peppermint oil in my baking, as well! The variations they offer make for interesting baking….and tasting.

The link is I hope you enjoy it.

If you are interested in purchasing any essential oils, you can visit If you want to shop wholesale with 25% discount then go to Join and Save.

It is important to remember that doTerra essential oils are of the highest quality and safe to be ingested. All bottles can be traced to their origin and their laboratory testing.

Please make sure that you do not ingest synthetic oils. You can usually tell by the price as they are very cheap. Also, not all brands carry the same assurance of quality so just make sure that a brand that you may be thinking of buying, other than doTerra, is safe to ingest.

My partner and I use doTerra oils in cooking and drinking, as well as my daughters with their families. We do follow recommended amounts as you do not require great amounts to get the benefits of flavour and wellness.




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Do You Suffer from Joint and Muscular Pain?

 Do you suffer from chronic pain or acute periodic pain?

For sufferers of joint and muscular pain

If you suffer from joint and muscular pain, you have probably tried many products to help alleviate the chronic pain you feel.

My family has a history of arthritis and I started to experience arthritic pain in my late thirties, with a formal diagnosis of arthritic erosion of joints at 40 years of age. After 4 pregnancies, I also experienced back pain-both upper and lower back and, after a car accident where I suffered a whiplash injury, I had quite a bit of pain.

As both my parents had flat feet, I also experience quite a bit of foot pain and I remember going into the city with two young children and wearing Sandler’s new soft shoes, that were very expensive.

I could barely walk after a few hours and thought I’d never make it home. I was not overweight and my doctor said I should have shoes with good support, whereas I was buying ‘soft’ shoes, thinking they would be ‘kind’ to my feet.

After some nasty incidents at work, where I put my back out and was unable to walk, I learnt that my back was very susceptible to injury and I had to be very careful with carrying things, bending, and picking up things.

After one bad period where it took 2 months to get back to walk, as I had suffered from 2 slipped discs and was unable to walk and stand up straight, I had some good advice from a doctor. He told me to avoid back surgery, strengthen my back with exercise, such as swimming, and keep to Panadol for daily pain. I also have neck and shoulder pain from whiplash injuries and operations on my shoulder.

I am unable to take anti-inflammatory products like Ibuprofen and Nurofen as they make me sick and have caused stomach problems. So I was always on the lookout for products to alleviate pain when needed. I did not relish the thought of Panadol daily, although I will take it for acute pain.

If you suffer from joint and muscular pain, you have probably tried many products to help alleviate the chronic pain you feel. Tweet now.Click To Tweet

Products for Joint and Muscular Pain.

The one product I grew up with, in the medicine cabinet, was Deep Heat and my parents used it regularly for knee pain and muscular pain, As I played sport and had sore legs when waitressing, I also used Deep Heat.

Later, our family experimented with Tiger Balm and Elmo’s Oil. Ice Gel was the opposite of Deep Heat, as it was cooling and seemed to work well. So, mum and I used Ice Gel for some years. It worked for a few hours, needed some re-application that day, and needed re-application daily.

In October, 2017. my daughter invited me to an Essential oils workshop. I went, as you do to support your daughter, but was literally blown away with one product in particular.

I have had some experience with essential oils in the past and know how efficient they are in supporting your health. I purchased Deep Blue Rub and have never regretted it.

Deep Blue Rub for all your joint and muscular aches and pains.
Deep Blue Rub for all your joint and muscular aches and pains.

 Deep Blue Rub

(In Australia, this product is called Ice Blue Rub)

Deep Blue reminds me of Ice Gel, with the addition of essential oils, which increases its therapeutic value significantly. I use it for acute pain and it takes about 10 minutes to feel the pain easing.

Unlike Ice Gel, you only need a very small amount to massage in as it is quite potent and you do not need to slather it on. So a little truly goes a long way! I rarely have to re-apply it again and, when I apply it at night, there is no pain next morning. The pain also does not keep recurring after a few hours, on the same day.

The most difficult pain I found, in terms of getting rid off, is heel pain. Occasionally, I get significant heel pain which makes it difficult to bear any weight on that foot and walk properly. Heel pain would often take up to 3 days to get rid of, which is a problem if working. However, when using Deep Blue, I use 2 applications within hours of each other, and I can then walk properly.

I have used it on my lower back and on my neck and shoulders and found that I did not have to reapply as the pain would disappear quickly and not recur. It is still up to me to look after my back when lifting, bending and carrying things!

Funny story coming up- my daughter LOVES her essential oils and has a huge collection of oils. She is always making new concoctions for her family and her home and has gone ‘natural’ with perfume, cleaning products, make-up, and also uses it in her cooking.

She drives my son-in-law crazy with her oils but he has a bad back, and the first thing he yells for is Deep Blue when he is in pain. My daughter laughingly told me he slathers it on, as he knows it will relieve his pain! He likes the oils when he is in pain!

My partner also had an accident at work, in the middle of the night and in darkness. He did not see a concrete truck barrier along the ground and tripped over it, and fell onto his shoulder.

He had significant shoulder pain for 6 months and was unable to lift his left arm fully. He started using Deep Blue Rub daily, after his shower at night.

He felt immediate relief from the chronic pain and we kept applying Deep Blue daily and he has been pain free and has full movement restored, in less than a month. Rob also reaches for Deep Blue when he has niggling pains.

I hear this cry “Where’s the  Deep Blue?” He’s sold on it! It will always be in my cupboard. And remember…… a little goes a long way with Deep Blue. I only ever put some on one fingertip and that’s all you need.


Where to buy Deep Blue Rub.

I buy Deep Blue Rub from doTerra at wholesale prices as it is 25% cheaper than retail.

You can also buy it at retail prices and the choice is yours when you place an order. My family is sold on it and I know it is superior to anything you are buying at the pharmacy. I also know that a tube lasts a long time so it is economical, in the long run.

If you are interested in having a look at Deep Blue Rub, or any other doTerra product, you can visit my doTerra site at this link  Go into Shop in the Menu => Essential Oils

If you want to become a Wholesale customer, go to Join and Save in Menu along the top

To read how Rob copes with long hours trucking using doTerra Peppermint Oil, click here. 


For healthy living ideas and how to reduce toxins in your home For healthier living ideas and how to reduce toxins in your home, read


For some fun do-it-yourself ideas


For some delicious recipe ideas

My other health and essential oils are posts on my blog Is your Health Your Wealth at



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How To Enhance Love and Sex Naturally



  :ove Hacks-How to enhance love and sex

How To Enhance Love and Sex

You will be able to enhance your love for each other and heighten your sexual desires with this knowledge, ‘Herbs, Oils, and Other Aphrodisiacs’.

When enhancing love and sex is the goal.

Some people do not feel comfortable with discussing desires and needs, even when their partner is a long time one and do not feel comfortable with sex or marriage counselling because…hey….it’s not that bad! So, over time, the sexual relationship gets boring. For others who are not in a relationship yet ( or committed relationship) they are exploring exciting and cheeky ways to get a man or woman to desire them. If either of these scenarios describes you, this e-book is for you.

This e-book gets you thinking about using oils and herbs outside the kitchen arena. We enter the world of aphrodisiacs, using the knowledge people have used throughout the centuries to enhance sexuality and desire. It teaches you how to custom tailor your kitchen herbs and oils to make your own aphrodisiacs.

A snapshot of some topics included are:

  • 5 best scents to use
  • using herbs wisely
  • choosing right plants for preparation
  • sexual challenges
  • flower essences
  • ayurvedic wisdom
  • tinctures

Essential oils Freebie upon signup below

Who will this e-book suit?

I am quite active on Pinterest with essential oils and health and wellness generally, and I am seeing more and more pins related to the above topics appearing in my feed and in my Tribes in Tailwind. People are searching for more traditional methods of healing and self-care. The wisdom of the ages is being highly sought after, and respected.

If you want to heighten the senses of your partner or handle your sexual problems in a natural way, this book will help show the ingredients that will help your mind and body be open to more positive love and sexual feelings.

Herbs, Oils and Other Aphrodisiacs also deals with the practical side to sexuality ie. erections and vaginal dryness and discusses how to use oils to overcome these difficulties. In another section, it deals with food and guides your food preparation to use the aphrodisiac properties of foods. It also provides a list of herbs and oils that enable you to customise your oil blends to make your own signature portion to use with your partner (or partner to be).

Don’t wait for your relationship to become stale and boring or grab that special person’s attention ASAP!

Get started learning how to enhance your love life and sex with Herbs, Oils and Other Aphrodisiacs now.

Herbs, Oils, and Other Aphrodisiacs
Herbs, Oils and other Aphrodisiacs

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All signups will be receiving in their mail a free downloadable PDF   –A Special Gift for You-Simple and do-able essential oils recipes to support your health and reduce toxins in your home.


How To Support Autism and Special Needs Naturally

autism sites
Click here for all top quality products for families, teachers, and other professionals.

Welcome to my post ‘How to Support Autism and Special Needs Naturally’. It is about supporting autism, ADHD, and other conditions, such as social anxiety and sensory issues.

With my background in teaching students of autism and special needs, I often dealt with all the above issues and, as teachers,  we were constantly looking for solutions to calm our students and support their needs when they were not feeling well, tired, over-active or lacking energy, and when they were experiencing sensory issues as the environment impacted on them.

These solutions would make up their sensory diet, which we shared as a staff, and it would have indicators of behaviour needing attention coupled with the solutions ie. the activities suitable to engage in at that time.

My initial focus was autism but those with autism also have other diagnoses, such as ADHD etc. and this post shares the views of a Diamond leader in doTERRA who is also diagnosed with Aspergers and has a son with autism.

She discusses how she manages their lives with doTERRA oils and how others in doTERRA support and manage their symptoms with essential oils.

I have a strong commitment to autism and recently my interests have extended to health and wellness and essential oils. I have written about health and wellness issues, and essential oils on my blog Is Your Health Your Wealth?

Recently, I decided to make essential oils another commitment as I truly believe in their power to enhance and support our wellness. I have previously had some experience with Le Reve oils but I am now a wellness advocate with doTERRA because of the purity and high-grade certification of their oils, and their commitment to the environment and third world countries.

Their purity means you are able to ingest some of the oils safely (this is on the label). I write about my experiences with essential oils on my Health blog and I give great ideas on my facebook page on how to use essential oils to support your health and lessen the toxins in your home.



Jessie Reimers, an Asperger’s mum with a son with autism, and a Presidential Diamond leader for doTERRA essential oils supporting those with autism and other special needs.

Today, I am super excited to curate a video by a young woman, Jessie Reimers, who was diagnosed with high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome and uses essential oils regularly to regulate her emotions and support her system.

Her passion and knowledge for essential oils has made her highly successful in the field as she has the ability to focus on a high interest with relentless passion. She successfully leads and mentors teams for doTERRA throughout Australia.

Her ability to focus is one of the strong points of Aspergers and she became obsessed with food and the role it played in gut health and its factor in causing major inflammation in the body. This causes the body to ‘malfunction’ and is especially important with those diagnosed with autism, who already have issues with gut health, sensory issues, nervous system etc.

She played a major role in getting the Heart Foundation(Australia) to change its recommendations to eat margarine (a trans-fat), commercial cereals that were laden with sugars, mayonnaise, to mention just a few.

She is a great advocate for using essential oils to support the health needs of those children and adults with special needs.

Why do children and adults with autism need support?

While the ability to focus on an interest may be a strength, there are many challenges and Jessie has to have strategies on hand to manage her personal challenges.

Executive functioning difficulties mean that some routines such as shopping, cooking, and the ensuing cleanup may also lead to overwhelm for those diagnosed with autism or other special needs.

Too many appointments, phone calls, crowds, the energies of different people, smells, perfume, noise levels, lights, and food textures all impact on those with autism.  Some school parents have said that their child comes home from school and has a meltdown.

This was surprising to teachers initially as those particular students were very sociable and happy at school.  Often, students who are higher functioning and quite sociable, keep it together throughout the day and then let go at home.

The day just impacts on them, with the work, routines that may change, staff absences, the lights, the noise of other students, the bus ride home etc.

Is this something you relate to?

Gut Health in autism.

Gut health is important as children with apraxia, sensory processing difficulties and autism may have a limited range of food. They are especially prone to gut health difficulties if they have a high sugar diet or limitations, such as white food only.

Jessie believes gut health is important for all other body systems to function optimally. She strongly recommends DigestZen and probiotics. DigestZen promotes digestion, a healthy gastrointestinal tract and queasiness.

This is a very popular product and gets lots of good reviews from users.

Other products which promote digestive health are Digest Tab, PB Assist, and TerraGreens. Smart & Sassy helps with appetite modulation- it regulates the appetite for those eating too much or too little. It is great for those who want to lose some weight, as well.

How to Support  a Healthy Nervous System.

Finding a balance in emotions is often a daily challenge and there are some high quality essential oils which support balance and calm in autism.

Vetiver and Balance are popular products for this purpose and Copaicaba is a new oil which supports the nervous system.

One drop in the mouth or rubbed on the soles of the feet, neck and spine are efficient methods. I buy coconut oil and put some drops in a clay container with the coconut oil and this suits both children and adults.

You rub it on your feet or on the chest and around the neck. The effects are very quick when rubbed on the soles of the feet.

InTune is being used successfully to help adults and children stay focused. Many with autism have difficulties with auditory learning as too much is being said.

Rubbing InTune on the wrists and the base of the neck helps, if keeping focus is a problem. It can be included in the child’s sensory diet at school and this can be discussed at IEP meetings at school.

Jessie has a son with autism and she says that using the above-mentioned oils has been helpful for her son, and herself, and she notices the difference in her feeling of overall wellness, when she does not use them.

How to regulate emotions using essential oils.

Jessie said that, while at school and now, she would get a panic attack, scream, have rages, have violent behaviour, or become frozen from overwhelm.

Peace Blend helps Jessie and she rolls in onto her wrist while using breathing exercises to regulate her emotions.

Frankincense also oxygenates the cells, calms the nervous system and anxious feelings. It is a great supporting oil for many conditions, and will support the action of other oils and probiotics e.g. if using lavender for calming, it will support the lavender.

My daughter uses Frankincense for this purpose and says she notices a marked difference if she does not use her oils to support her wellness, as she has a number of chronic conditions to support, with the blessing of her specialist, who also believes in the healing support of essential oils.

I agree with Jessie that when a person is having a melt down or panic attack, you have to stop the verbals. They are not able to verbalise what is happening so let them go to their safe place, and, if you are the trusted person, apply the essential oils that work for them when you see their signs of need (not during the melt down!).

Essential oils which support sleep.

Jessie touched on a sleep blend which works for her. She uses a blend of Juniper, Bergamot and Vetiver but says that Juniper is great also on its own.

It is a personal love of hers! Lavender is a favourite for restful sleep combined with coconut oil. We use it each night and rub it on the soles of our feet and it works well for us.

I used Lavender, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang as I love this combination and also Rose, which is now too expensive to buy. I would fall into a deep sleep within minutes!


In summary, we can support those with autism and also ADHD, special needs, sensory processing issues, and social anxiety (they are also part of the doTERRA community using the essential oils) by:

  1. Supporting gut health by eating the right foods.
  2. Having a good sensory diet-OT’s and Special Needs teachers can support families.
  3. Include the school in what you are doing, regarding natural methods. I learnt so much from my parents. Also, schools can be nervous about a teacher initiating the use of essential oils but will allow it with your permission.
  4. Have massages, if they work for you or learn to massage your child.
  5. Don’t be afraid of labels with a diagnosis, as they enable you to get the support needed.
  6. Try to keep away from triggers or have supports in place. If you are using oils, keep them in your bag.

Support your body naturally, as much as possible.

As a teacher, I learnt the importance of gut health with one particular child who was found to be intolerant to a wide variety of foods and would have a complete personality change when the wrong foods were eaten.

Oils have been found to be effective for adults and children in the doTERRA community and many anecdotal references have been made as to the difference being tangible when the oils are not being used.

The doTerra community uses DigestZen for their gut health and to promote general wellness.

If you decide that you would like to buy the oils at wholesale prices (25% off plus other benefits and freebies), you get membership in the facebook group, which is helpful as ordinary people share their successes and discoveries using the oils.

You can always pop on facebook and ask a question-everyone is helpful.

Essential Oils for Gut health
  1. Digestzen
  2. Smart & Sassy
Essential oils for a healthy nervous system
  1. Vetiver
  2. Balance
  3. Copaicaba
  4. Intune
Essential oils that help regulate the emotions
  1. Peace Blend
  2. Lavender
  3. Frankincense
Essential oils that promote sleep
  1. Juniper
  2. Bergamot
  3. Vetiver
  4. Lavender


I know that there are lots of options given so what you must do is prioritise what your, or your child’s needs are, and use that as a starting point.

When I started, I had three basic oils for my needs, then added to them.

If you need help, you can comment below, or contact me from my doTERRA website.

If you are interested in buying any of the products, click here.

Remember, as a wholesale member, the products will be 25% cheaper.

On the website, you can see what the blends are for, and what they are comprised of. They are of great value as, in many cases, they are a blend of 5 essential oils.

Essential oils are also very potent and work very quickly. If you rub them on the soles of the feet, it only takes seconds to enter your system and start working.

The value of essential oils can be calculated as 4/5 cents to 10 cents a drop (for the more expensive oils).

I have been using my bottles now for 3 months for both myself and my partner and I don’t have to order more yet.


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A Special Gift For You-simple and Do-able essential oils recipes.
A Special Gift For You-Simple and Do-able essential oils recipes.

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