Best Diet Tips For Weight Loss

I would like to offer you my best diet tips for weight loss as I am in the process of losing weight that accumulated when I stopped working full-time and I had a huge shift in lifestyle. Some tips are daily habits that can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle and will help you with appetite control and losing weight gradually. I will also share a diet that I started recently for more drastic results.

Best Diet Tips For Weight Loss

Starting new habits

If you want things to change, then you must incorporate change into your life. If you are serious about weight loss. whether you choose to do it gradually or quickly over a shorter time frame, then you must start new habits.

Personally, I have had massive weight loss (from an Australian size 16 to size 10/12) in the past and I prefer to do it slowly as I am older now and I need the energy to work during the day and tutor, as well.

I would like to offer you my best diet tips for weight loss.

Diet Tip 1

The first time I lost weight, I went on Weight Watchers when I was much younger and was tired of the gradual baby fat that had accumulated with four pregnancies. It re-educated me about healthy eating and I still use its principles today. I am disappointed in the changes they have made to their program but it may work for others.

I lost 3 dress sizes in 2 and a half months, with the use of Metamucil( you must drink lots of water with this product!) to control hunger pangs. I lost a lot of weight as I did not eat much bread or potatoes or rice as I simply did not feel hungry. I also increased my fish intake to, at least, 7 times a week. I even cooked it in the microwave at work, with some soy sauce on top. This was an enormous help to weight loss.

I used Jenny Craig and no wonder I went down 3 dress sizes in 2 months! I counted 3 tiny portions of meat in their sauce one day, so that is not a great deal of protein for a girl of 173 cms! I am also not a great sweet eater so I never ate the nightly dessert. Although I did achieve the weight loss, it is very expensive as the weekly consultation and food was expensive and you were required to buy a lot more at the supermarket to fulfill the weekly planner.

I also lost a lot of muscle mass and noticed significant weight gain after I stopped, and fat replaced my once shapely legs! I didn’t gorge on food after the diet so normal eating patterns will increase your weight after this diet plan.

Some tips are daily habits that can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle and will help you with appetite control and losing weight gradually. Click To Tweet

Diet Tip 2

Essential oil- lemon
Essential oil- lemon

I substitute coffee and tea with water laced with lemon juice or lemon essential oil. Lemons are so expensive at the moment and, as my partner and I both use it daily, we use the essential oil ( just a couple of drops in our water container). It is thirst quenching-a lot of times when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty, so always have a drink before you go into the pantry.

It is simple habit that controls hunger and you should prepare a bottle daily for you to drink. I put it in the freezer when I wake up and then remove it when I go to work. Just the right temperature and keeps cool most of the day. I start the day with this drink, first thing when I hit the kitchen.

I noticed that when I drink tea and coffee throughout the day, I actually feel more hungry!

Diet Tip 3

Apple Cider Vinegar-this is a wonderful product to have in your cupboard with many uses. I know some people shudder at its taste but it does not have to be unpleasant. I think people go overboard with the amount they use and any wonder they are not using it!

I use it only twice a day and that is enough for me as it curbs the desire to nibble on something.

There are a variety of ways to use it:-

i) One teaspoon in a glass of water (or half a glass, if you want to drink less) with one teaspoon of honey. Some say one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar-do what you can tolerate as you won’t do anything that pains you! Even if you are on a diet, you can still have desserts, so allow honey to be your special thing. It has good properties so I don’t have a problem using it for weight loss.

This drink has significantly helped in reducing my hunger pangs and tendency to reach for something to eat, and I drink it twice a day.

ii) The crème de la crème concoction

I read about turmeric for pain relief in joint pain and as a weight loss agent (as well as cancer) so I started incorporating it into our daily regime.

Note: For turmeric to work, it must have 2 elements added to it- heat and black pepper. Honey also must be pure.

We combined turmeric, a touch of black pepper, cider vinegar and honey with warm water. Hot water will take away the potency of honey and vinegar! Sometimes, we have this beverage straight or we may add it to tea or coffee, if we have a desire to have them.

My partner went to the Home Show and brought home a large container of Tumerix.  

I wish we could be affiliates for this product as it is wonderful. It has everything in it that helps you with weight loss, as well as other ailments. It has the black pepper, ginger, cinnamon….just to name a few spices. I also drink this twice a day sometimes, instead of the other drink. So I change it around with my mood but, either way, the drinks control hunger very noticeably.

If you use Tumerix with tea, then it is like a chai tea. If you put it in coffee, it tastes like Golden Coffee. So versatile and delicious!

And guess who throws it into her main meals, as well.

Diet Tip 4

essential oils for weight lossWell, this picture says it all!  doTerra oils are precious and I know they are safe to ingest. We ingest them and my grown up family also use them religiously. I would be very wary of ingesting other manufacturer’s oils as they say they are pure but their practices at the place of farming the oils have not always reached the standard of doTerra oils. If you are interested in having a look at Grapefruit essential oil, click here.

2 things to remember: i) essential oils range from a few cents a drop and are an efficient and effective method of weight loss(as well as using it for other health issues). With the two of us using my oils daily, they are lasting for ages.

You can elect to be a customer and get 25% discount (ie. wholesale price) on each product you buy, as well as being eligible for monthly freebies with points accumulation when you buy. That is a substantial saving.

The most economical way of buying an essential oil for weight loss is to buy the blend of essential oils which optimise weight loss with their particular qualities which enhance weight loss.

Essential Oil-Slim & Sassy
Essential Oil-Slim & Sassy

dōTERRA’s Slim & Sassy® Active Blend is a proprietary formula of 100% pure CPTG™ essential oils of Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon essential oils. Lively in character, this blend is a perfect accompaniment to your exercise routine. Click here if interested in this money saver!

Diet Tip 5

Reduce your portion of red or white meat to the size of your palm. Your body is a perfect balance of measurements so the size of your palm is the perfect size for your portion control of protein, which carries the highest load of calories. I would couple this with an increase in non-starchy carbohydrates…….. which is virtually what I was doing with Weight Watchers many years ago.


Rapid Weight Loss

Well, I have tried this just before Easter (bad timing!) and it is amazing. I have taken some hints from it that work really well with me.

The Egg Diet

Here is the link to this  diet click

They say you can lose up to 24lbs in 2 weeks

This is what I found after one week:

i) I lost 11 cms off my bust, 11 cms off my waist, and 10 cms off my hips.

ii) My pants were noticeably looser.

iii) My legs were noticeably slimmer. (Yeah)

iv) I peed like crazy.

v) I was able to wear tops that had previously cut into my arms and were just hanging unused in my wardrobe.

vi) The eggs and orange works so well for me-never hungry and my first break at work was about 3 and half hours to 4 hours later. ( I have different breaks throughout the week.)

Now, the surprising thing is that during that week, although I was pretty good, I did cheat as my partner unexpectedly went out and bought some huge pizzas and Coke one night. As I was super tired that night, I was happy to be naughty and break the diet.

It was also a very hot week and our air conditioner broke, so I ate an icy pole each day to make life bearable until it cooled down.

I had a few munchies throughout the week, such as a salada cracker with vegemite or a protein bar.


Then came a virus and Easter holidays!

However, I have learnt so much from this diet and am more than happy to continue with the breakfasts and will get back to a two week try out again, when back at work. I am happy with my loss at the moment-sorry, can’t tell you what the weight is as I don’t have scales. I use a measuring tape and my clothes as a guide.

Detoxing is also important in diets as you lose the inches and weight when you release the toxins. I noticed that I have kept shedding inches, even though I am only doing the egg breakfasts. I remember how much peeing I did the first week!

Lemon and grapefruit essential oils are perfect for releasing toxins and weight loss.  If you are interested in purchasing these products as essential oils, click here.

Essential oil- grapefruit
Essential oil- grapefruit


Don’t forget Slim and Sassy-this money saving blend-click here.

A blend is made up of a combination of essential oils so, instead of buying 3,4,5, oils, they are all in one bottle.

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