Best Essential Oils-Peppermint

Best Essential Oils- today's focus: Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is one of the best essential oils as it is easily integrated into your daily health habits, is inexpensive, and should be part of your basic starter essential oils kit as it has multiple uses.  This post will focus on peppermint oils and extend upon an earlier post,(namely Ice Blue) where I introduced my partner and myself, and how we use the oils.

How Peppermint Oil Works for Us

This week, my partner had a particularly difficult week and, as he is a professional driver, I worry about how his lack of sleep will impact his driving. So, as partners do, we help each other get through difficult weeks.

He has always been open to my suggestions about using essential oils, and incorporating them into our daily routines. We do simple things to enhance our daily lives.

I put some drops of peppermint oil into a small bottle of fractionated coconut oil so that Rob could easily have a whiff, whenever he needed to. He had been doing his regular driving last week overnight, and also had to do a weekend job. He usually copes with that extra workload on a fortnightly basis, as he ‘crashes’ when he gets home (not literally) and has a massive sleep catch-up. Well, he was unable to get more than a couple of hours as it was my mum’s 89th. birthday, and we had an early lunch a fair drive from home.

So I reminded him about using the peppermint oil and made sure he had it with him ( he gets very forgetful when tired!) He usually rings me each night as the chat keeps him alert and he said he was wilting a bit. So I reminded him of the peppermint oil.

Next morning, he came home and the first thing he said was “That peppermint oil really works- it got me through a difficult night and it kept me alert.” It was gratifying to hear that, as you want things to work! He sang the praises of peppermint oil and said that he kept whiffing it from the bottle and it was enough to keep him alert.

Peppermint Oil is effective in its health and wellness claims

So, using peppermint oil- or essential oils- is not rocket science. Essential oils have been around for centuries because THEY WORK!

When I was unwell as a child, my mum would give me peppermint tea or chamomile tea. Now, when I don’t feel well, I drink peppermint tea and inhale peppermint essential oil and it works so quickly. It eases my malaise and lifts that foggy cloud in the brain!

I always have it in my car diffuser and I combine it with lemon essential oil. I stay up late as I blog, and I am usually tired and have brain fog in the morning. With these essential oils in the car, I feel noticeably better in 5-7 minutes. My brain fog lifts, as well as my tiredness and mood. So I arrive at work ready for the day. It is such a small habit to incorporate into your daily ritual, but it has huge benefits.

Is it costly? No!!!! As they are so highly concentrated, a drop works out to a few cents a drop. We have been using my bottle since last October. I use it straight, mixed with fractionated coconut oil to dilute it or coconut oil (not fractionated so it is solid). I buy my fractionated coconut oil (which remains in liquid form) from Woolworths so it is much cheaper than other suppliers.

If you want to check out doTerra’s peppermint oil, click here. Remember, you can get the oils at wholesale prices too. 

If you want more ideas on how to use peppermint oil-click here for my follow up post.  

New Post is crammed with simple ideas on how  to use peppermint essential oil.

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