Do You Suffer from Joint and Muscular Pain?

 Do you suffer from chronic pain or acute periodic pain?

For sufferers of joint and muscular pain

If you suffer from joint and muscular pain, you have probably tried many products to help alleviate the chronic pain you feel.

My family has a history of arthritis and I started to experience arthritic pain in my late thirties, with a formal diagnosis of arthritic erosion of joints at 40 years of age. After 4 pregnancies, I also experienced back pain-both upper and lower back and, after a car accident where I suffered a whiplash injury, I had quite a bit of pain.

As both my parents had flat feet, I also experience quite a bit of foot pain and I remember going into the city with two young children and wearing Sandler’s new soft shoes, that were very expensive.

I could barely walk after a few hours and thought I’d never make it home. I was not overweight and my doctor said I should have shoes with good support, whereas I was buying ‘soft’ shoes, thinking they would be ‘kind’ to my feet.

After some nasty incidents at work, where I put my back out and was unable to walk, I learnt that my back was very susceptible to injury and I had to be very careful with carrying things, bending, and picking up things.

After one bad period where it took 2 months to get back to walk, as I had suffered from 2 slipped discs and was unable to walk and stand up straight, I had some good advice from a doctor. He told me to avoid back surgery, strengthen my back with exercise, such as swimming, and keep to Panadol for daily pain. I also have neck and shoulder pain from whiplash injuries and operations on my shoulder.

I am unable to take anti-inflammatory products like Ibuprofen and Nurofen as they make me sick and have caused stomach problems. So I was always on the lookout for products to alleviate pain when needed. I did not relish the thought of Panadol daily, although I will take it for acute pain.

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Products for Joint and Muscular Pain.

The one product I grew up with, in the medicine cabinet, was Deep Heat and my parents used it regularly for knee pain and muscular pain, As I played sport and had sore legs when waitressing, I also used Deep Heat.

Later, our family experimented with Tiger Balm and Elmo’s Oil. Ice Gel was the opposite of Deep Heat, as it was cooling and seemed to work well. So, mum and I used Ice Gel for some years. It worked for a few hours, needed some re-application that day, and needed re-application daily.

In October, 2017. my daughter invited me to an Essential oils workshop. I went, as you do to support your daughter, but was literally blown away with one product in particular.

I have had some experience with essential oils in the past and know how efficient they are in supporting your health. I purchased Deep Blue Rub and have never regretted it.

Deep Blue Rub for all your joint and muscular aches and pains.
Deep Blue Rub for all your joint and muscular aches and pains.

 Deep Blue Rub

(In Australia, this product is called Ice Blue Rub)

Deep Blue reminds me of Ice Gel, with the addition of essential oils, which increases its therapeutic value significantly. I use it for acute pain and it takes about 10 minutes to feel the pain easing.

Unlike Ice Gel, you only need a very small amount to massage in as it is quite potent and you do not need to slather it on. So a little truly goes a long way! I rarely have to re-apply it again and, when I apply it at night, there is no pain next morning. The pain also does not keep recurring after a few hours, on the same day.

The most difficult pain I found, in terms of getting rid off, is heel pain. Occasionally, I get significant heel pain which makes it difficult to bear any weight on that foot and walk properly. Heel pain would often take up to 3 days to get rid of, which is a problem if working. However, when using Deep Blue, I use 2 applications within hours of each other, and I can then walk properly.

I have used it on my lower back and on my neck and shoulders and found that I did not have to reapply as the pain would disappear quickly and not recur. It is still up to me to look after my back when lifting, bending and carrying things!

Funny story coming up- my daughter LOVES her essential oils and has a huge collection of oils. She is always making new concoctions for her family and her home and has gone ‘natural’ with perfume, cleaning products, make-up, and also uses it in her cooking.

She drives my son-in-law crazy with her oils but he has a bad back, and the first thing he yells for is Deep Blue when he is in pain. My daughter laughingly told me he slathers it on, as he knows it will relieve his pain! He likes the oils when he is in pain!

My partner also had an accident at work, in the middle of the night and in darkness. He did not see a concrete truck barrier along the ground and tripped over it, and fell onto his shoulder.

He had significant shoulder pain for 6 months and was unable to lift his left arm fully. He started using Deep Blue Rub daily, after his shower at night.

He felt immediate relief from the chronic pain and we kept applying Deep Blue daily and he has been pain free and has full movement restored, in less than a month. Rob also reaches for Deep Blue when he has niggling pains.

I hear this cry “Where’s the  Deep Blue?” He’s sold on it! It will always be in my cupboard. And remember…… a little goes a long way with Deep Blue. I only ever put some on one fingertip and that’s all you need.


Where to buy Deep Blue Rub.

I buy Deep Blue Rub from doTerra at wholesale prices as it is 25% cheaper than retail.

You can also buy it at retail prices and the choice is yours when you place an order. My family is sold on it and I know it is superior to anything you are buying at the pharmacy. I also know that a tube lasts a long time so it is economical, in the long run.

If you are interested in having a look at Deep Blue Rub, or any other doTerra product, you can visit my doTerra site at this link  Go into Shop in the Menu => Essential Oils

If you want to become a Wholesale customer, go to Join and Save in Menu along the top

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