How To Make Delicious Brownies

How To Make Delicious Brownies

How To Make Delicious Brownies

It’s healthy and high in protein, unlike pure chocolate recipes (which, of course, are delicious too). But, if you are adventurous and like trying new ideas, as well making a healthy version of brownies, this recipe is one that will widen your cooking experiences.

The difficulty level is easy and it only takes 35 minutes to bake so it is great if someone just pops in.

It uses the essential oil, peppermint, to enrich the chocolate flavour. I use peppermint oil in my baking, as well! The variations they offer make for interesting baking….and tasting.

The link is I hope you enjoy it.

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My partner and I use doTerra oils in cooking and drinking, as well as my daughters with their families. We do follow recommended amounts as you do not require great amounts to get the benefits of flavour and wellness.

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