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Welcome to my post ‘How to Support Autism and Special Needs Naturally’. It is about supporting autism, ADHD, and other conditions, such as social anxiety and sensory issues.

With my background in teaching students of autism and special needs, I often dealt with all the above issues and, as teachers,  we were constantly looking for solutions to calm our students and support their needs when they were not feeling well, tired, over-active or lacking energy, and when they were experiencing sensory issues as the environment impacted on them.

These solutions would make up their sensory diet, which we shared as a staff, and it would have indicators of behaviour needing attention coupled with the solutions ie. the activities suitable to engage in at that time.

My initial focus was autism but those with autism also have other diagnoses, such as ADHD etc. and this post shares the views of a Diamond leader in doTERRA who is also diagnosed with Aspergers and has a son with autism.

She discusses how she manages their lives with doTERRA oils and how others in doTERRA support and manage their symptoms with essential oils.

I have a strong commitment to autism and recently my interests have extended to health and wellness and essential oils. I have written about health and wellness issues, and essential oils on my blog Is Your Health Your Wealth?

Recently, I decided to make essential oils another commitment as I truly believe in their power to enhance and support our wellness. I have previously had some experience with Le Reve oils but I am now a wellness advocate with doTERRA because of the purity and high-grade certification of their oils, and their commitment to the environment and third world countries.

Their purity means you are able to ingest some of the oils safely (this is on the label). I write about my experiences with essential oils on my Health blog and I give great ideas on my facebook page on how to use essential oils to support your health and lessen the toxins in your home.



Jessie Reimers, an Asperger’s mum with a son with autism, and a Presidential Diamond leader for doTERRA essential oils supporting those with autism and other special needs.

Today, I am super excited to curate a video by a young woman, Jessie Reimers, who was diagnosed with high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome and uses essential oils regularly to regulate her emotions and support her system.

Her passion and knowledge for essential oils has made her highly successful in the field as she has the ability to focus on a high interest with relentless passion. She successfully leads and mentors teams for doTERRA throughout Australia.

Her ability to focus is one of the strong points of Aspergers and she became obsessed with food and the role it played in gut health and its factor in causing major inflammation in the body. This causes the body to ‘malfunction’ and is especially important with those diagnosed with autism, who already have issues with gut health, sensory issues, nervous system etc.

She played a major role in getting the Heart Foundation(Australia) to change its recommendations to eat margarine (a trans-fat), commercial cereals that were laden with sugars, mayonnaise, to mention just a few.

She is a great advocate for using essential oils to support the health needs of those children and adults with special needs.

Why do children and adults with autism need support?

While the ability to focus on an interest may be a strength, there are many challenges and Jessie has to have strategies on hand to manage her personal challenges.

Executive functioning difficulties mean that some routines such as shopping, cooking, and the ensuing cleanup may also lead to overwhelm for those diagnosed with autism or other special needs.

Too many appointments, phone calls, crowds, the energies of different people, smells, perfume, noise levels, lights, and food textures all impact on those with autism.  Some school parents have said that their child comes home from school and has a meltdown.

This was surprising to teachers initially as those particular students were very sociable and happy at school.  Often, students who are higher functioning and quite sociable, keep it together throughout the day and then let go at home.

The day just impacts on them, with the work, routines that may change, staff absences, the lights, the noise of other students, the bus ride home etc.

Is this something you relate to?

Gut Health in autism.

Gut health is important as children with apraxia, sensory processing difficulties and autism may have a limited range of food. They are especially prone to gut health difficulties if they have a high sugar diet or limitations, such as white food only.

Jessie believes gut health is important for all other body systems to function optimally. She strongly recommends DigestZen and probiotics. DigestZen promotes digestion, a healthy gastrointestinal tract and queasiness.

This is a very popular product and gets lots of good reviews from users.

Other products which promote digestive health are Digest Tab, PB Assist, and TerraGreens. Smart & Sassy helps with appetite modulation- it regulates the appetite for those eating too much or too little. It is great for those who want to lose some weight, as well.

How to Support  a Healthy Nervous System.

Finding a balance in emotions is often a daily challenge and there are some high quality essential oils which support balance and calm in autism.

Vetiver and Balance are popular products for this purpose and Copaicaba is a new oil which supports the nervous system.

One drop in the mouth or rubbed on the soles of the feet, neck and spine are efficient methods. I buy coconut oil and put some drops in a clay container with the coconut oil and this suits both children and adults.

You rub it on your feet or on the chest and around the neck. The effects are very quick when rubbed on the soles of the feet.

InTune is being used successfully to help adults and children stay focused. Many with autism have difficulties with auditory learning as too much is being said.

Rubbing InTune on the wrists and the base of the neck helps, if keeping focus is a problem. It can be included in the child’s sensory diet at school and this can be discussed at IEP meetings at school.

Jessie has a son with autism and she says that using the above-mentioned oils has been helpful for her son, and herself, and she notices the difference in her feeling of overall wellness, when she does not use them.

How to regulate emotions using essential oils.

Jessie said that, while at school and now, she would get a panic attack, scream, have rages, have violent behaviour, or become frozen from overwhelm.

Peace Blend helps Jessie and she rolls in onto her wrist while using breathing exercises to regulate her emotions.

Frankincense also oxygenates the cells, calms the nervous system and anxious feelings. It is a great supporting oil for many conditions, and will support the action of other oils and probiotics e.g. if using lavender for calming, it will support the lavender.

My daughter uses Frankincense for this purpose and says she notices a marked difference if she does not use her oils to support her wellness, as she has a number of chronic conditions to support, with the blessing of her specialist, who also believes in the healing support of essential oils.

I agree with Jessie that when a person is having a melt down or panic attack, you have to stop the verbals. They are not able to verbalise what is happening so let them go to their safe place, and, if you are the trusted person, apply the essential oils that work for them when you see their signs of need (not during the melt down!).

Essential oils which support sleep.

Jessie touched on a sleep blend which works for her. She uses a blend of Juniper, Bergamot and Vetiver but says that Juniper is great also on its own.

It is a personal love of hers! Lavender is a favourite for restful sleep combined with coconut oil. We use it each night and rub it on the soles of our feet and it works well for us.

I used Lavender, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang as I love this combination and also Rose, which is now too expensive to buy. I would fall into a deep sleep within minutes!


In summary, we can support those with autism and also ADHD, special needs, sensory processing issues, and social anxiety (they are also part of the doTERRA community using the essential oils) by:

  1. Supporting gut health by eating the right foods.
  2. Having a good sensory diet-OT’s and Special Needs teachers can support families.
  3. Include the school in what you are doing, regarding natural methods. I learnt so much from my parents. Also, schools can be nervous about a teacher initiating the use of essential oils but will allow it with your permission.
  4. Have massages, if they work for you or learn to massage your child.
  5. Don’t be afraid of labels with a diagnosis, as they enable you to get the support needed.
  6. Try to keep away from triggers or have supports in place. If you are using oils, keep them in your bag.

Support your body naturally, as much as possible.

As a teacher, I learnt the importance of gut health with one particular child who was found to be intolerant to a wide variety of foods and would have a complete personality change when the wrong foods were eaten.

Oils have been found to be effective for adults and children in the doTERRA community and many anecdotal references have been made as to the difference being tangible when the oils are not being used.

The doTerra community uses DigestZen for their gut health and to promote general wellness.

If you decide that you would like to buy the oils at wholesale prices (25% off plus other benefits and freebies), you get membership in the facebook group, which is helpful as ordinary people share their successes and discoveries using the oils.

You can always pop on facebook and ask a question-everyone is helpful.

Essential Oils for Gut health
  1. Digestzen
  2. Smart & Sassy
Essential oils for a healthy nervous system
  1. Vetiver
  2. Balance
  3. Copaicaba
  4. Intune
Essential oils that help regulate the emotions
  1. Peace Blend
  2. Lavender
  3. Frankincense
Essential oils that promote sleep
  1. Juniper
  2. Bergamot
  3. Vetiver
  4. Lavender


I know that there are lots of options given so what you must do is prioritise what your, or your child’s needs are, and use that as a starting point.

When I started, I had three basic oils for my needs, then added to them.

If you need help, you can comment below, or contact me from my doTERRA website.

If you are interested in buying any of the products, click here.

Remember, as a wholesale member, the products will be 25% cheaper.

On the website, you can see what the blends are for, and what they are comprised of. They are of great value as, in many cases, they are a blend of 5 essential oils.

Essential oils are also very potent and work very quickly. If you rub them on the soles of the feet, it only takes seconds to enter your system and start working.

The value of essential oils can be calculated as 4/5 cents to 10 cents a drop (for the more expensive oils).

I have been using my bottles now for 3 months for both myself and my partner and I don’t have to order more yet.


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A Special Gift For You-Simple and Do-able essential oils recipes.

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I am a semi-retired primary and special education teacher. I have a strong belief in the power of essential oils to support and maintain wellness and I am a wellness advocate for the purest, high quality therapeutic range of essential oils provided by doTERRA. DoTERRA also actively advocates for third world countries and gives back to the communities-integrity and community values.

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