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Plus size girls are curvy and attractive but often have problems finding clothes for their particular body shape.Click To Tweet

I decided to become an affiliate for plus size clothing for curvy girls as I have become larger with the oncoming years but I still want to feel fashionable and sexy, for the right occasion. I am not ready for grandma clothing styles yet!

When plus size clothing first appeared, it often looked like a tent!

Plus size girls are not one body shape but have different shapes that need to be taken into account, with their strengths highlighted in the clothing choices they make.

I am tall with broad shoulders and wide hips, so my height lets me get away with a lot but my wide hips mean I need bigger sizes for pants, especially. I have filled out and am more voluptuous (as a nice friend remarked-LOL!) now than in my early years. I am learning to love my curves and show them off. So I want fashion that accentuates my strong points.

I have two distributors who cater for curvy women on this page- Asos and Chiccu. So have a browse and see if there is anything that you like. I have bought many things from Asos over the past 5 years and love their style as they are comfortable, fashionable and sexy, for those special occasions. They are prompt with deliveries too! You will be able to find Asos casual wear on my  Casual Wear page soon.

I get a commission from Asos and Chiccu for purchases or clicks made through links in this post and, as mentioned above, am happy to be an affiliate for both these companies as they fulfill my requirements for good fashion for curvy ladies and I have had good relations as a buyer with Asos in the past.


To see my whole collection of day and evening dresses, pants, casual wear, tops, blouses and more, follow this link . It’s a great collection and you will find the outfits advertised on social media, such as Pinterest and Twitter, on this link’s page.

curvy jumpsuit

I also chose CHICCU as I liked the fashions and feel they are fashionable and smart. Their prices are also very competitive and you can easily update your wardrobe at their prices.

To have a look at each item, just click on the picture and it will enlarge and show you the details of the dress.

If you are interested in casual wear- pants, tracksuits, tops, and bathing suits- you can click this link to see the galleries of casual wear.


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