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All About Me


Hi and thanks for visiting my blog!  

I have been a primary teacher and I upgraded my qualifications in 2011, after successfully graduating with a Graduate Diploma in Teaching Students with Autism. So I am also a Behavioural Specialist and  I am currently semi-retired and working in schools as a casual teacher.

I started blogging in 2015 and discovered I enjoyed the writing process. An interest started in Health and Wellbeing and this has blossomed into an interest in essential oils. I have had some experience with essential oils in 2005 but teaching full time was so time challenging, that I gave it up. My daughter re-introduced me to doTerra oils in 2017 and it has been very timely as I have arthritis and various aches and pains, and I am finding great relief with essential oils.

My partner has also had his health challenges, which were life-threatening. So we try to be as pro-active as possible in taking greater responsibility for our overall health.  He is dedicated to using essential oils as part of his daily routine and taking care of all areas that make up our overall wellness.

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You can visit my Wellness with Oils Solutions on Facebook and read some of my posts at partner and I have been getting great results at home with essential oils.

I have a health and wellness blog at

 My daughter’s son has a borderline diagnosis of autism and she uses essential oils daily with her family.

My Daughters.

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I am a semi-retired primary and special education teacher. I have a strong belief in the power of essential oils to support and maintain wellness and I am a wellness advocate for the purest, high quality therapeutic range of essential oils provided by doTERRA. DoTERRA also actively advocates for third world countries and gives back to the communities-integrity and community values.

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